GlobalBrain Balance Introduction

The Pre-school Brain Balance Program

This Course was developed:

– for parents, teachers, school administrators, and Ministers of Education.

– for promoters, volunteers, special educationalists and individuals, who are concerned about the wellbeing of the child.


The proportion of children and adults with dyslexia is becoming higher every year.
A recent study published on the Internet mentions that the percentage in the US may be as high as 17%.  In the Netherlands there are schools where as many as 30% of the students are registered as being dyslexic.

School children with dyslexia get extra help from special education teachers and/or go to institutions for receiving special training to alleviate the problems of the “deficiency.” While there has been a lot of research into dyslexia, there has been very little substantive progress as to where it comes from or how to treat it.s

PSBB is a concise program of just four simple games and three exercises. The results of the research (see dissertation) show that after doing the program for just six weeks – two times half hour a week – 18 or 19 students in a class of twenty have obtained sufficient brain balance to be ready for reading and writing! 🙂

What are the benefits? Who benefits?

First and foremost, it will put an end to the consequences of a brain imbalance, such as dyslexia – the program promotes the child’s self-esteem, self-confidence, behavior, school liking, and … happiness.

For school administrators and ministers the great news is that the program can save millions on the long-term costs of literacy difficulties, nationwide!

Six reasons to implement the Preschool Program, without notice:

Reason #1: the Program can be easily integrated in any preschool curriculum.

Reason #2: The program is concise and simple — easy to be learned and taught by the teacher.

Reason #3: The program is suitable to be presented to the whole class

Reason #4: The educational resources to do the program are of an extremely low-budget nature

Reason # 5: It will put an end to the sufferings of millions of children !

Reason #6: Introducing the program saves millions. Here is some proof of evidence:
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